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Summer Training Courses

Posted on Apr 19, 2017

Summer OG Academic Math In-Class Training Courses 2017You’ve let us know that summer holiday planning starts early in the year!This year we will be hosting OG Academic Math Training Courses...

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3 Chances to Learn in 2017

Posted on Dec 19, 2016

Happy New Year!It’s 2017. I sincerely hope that you are going to have a fantastic, successful year with your Math classes and students.If you are reading this message, you know it’s important to...

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When You Don’t Take Action

Posted on Nov 9, 2016

The Effect of Not Doing or Why Not Teach OG Math?Our actions shape our lives, but when we don’t take action it can be just as powerful.I know! I was reluctant in the beginning of my OG Math journey. In...

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