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A Guide to SUCCESS with Math

  • The Interactive Approach to Understanding and Teaching Math
  • Based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach for Literacy Instruction
  • In a soft cover – coil bound book (8 1/2 x 11)

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A Guide to Success with Math - $27.50

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Math Kits: The Combination Kit

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    The top tray of blocks contains nine of each unit bar from 1 to 9, plus 10 ten-bars and one hundred-square is the basic set of the math program.
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    The Bottom Tray of blocks has 21 units, three of each unit bar from 1 to 5, plus 30 ten-bars, 4 hundred-squares, and 5 x2’s.

Courses and Professional Development

Canadian Academy – Orton-Gillingham Practitioner and Classroom Certification

Teaching and Supporting Students with ADHD
with internationally renowned speaker
MA, PGCE, BSc Hons

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a term used to describe a spectrum of learning and behavioural and socialization differences. The negative impact of ADHD within schools, families and on our society can be highly significant unless proactive systems and strategies for effective teaching and management are introduced and adapted for specific individuals. https://www.reachlearningcentre.com/pro-d

Orton Gillingham Classroom Educators’ Training Courses

School House Games

Strengths Gym Books and Materials

Two Read Books
Meg & Greg: A Duck in a Sock includes four short-chapter, hi-lo, phonics stories written for children ages 6-9 who are struggling to learn how to read because of dyslexia or another language-based learning difficulty. The stories are written for shared reading between an experienced reader and a learner.


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