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“Having done many 3rd and 4th year math courses it has been interesting to go back And “see” through this hands-on approach how we get the results. I can see where this approach can go with higher math, and I look forward to exploring that.”

“The workshop was excellent. I was asked to help out in September at my child’s school. This workshop will make my time thereā€¦.well let’s just say I will be of good service to them.”

“Visualization of everything. It made my imagination much clearer.”

“I appreciated the number of handouts, which will help me to remember the concepts and are useable with students.”

“I enjoyed the opportunity to learn math through all modalities: Seeing, touching and moving.”

“I think this approach could finally make my daughter see the fun in math, which I’ve always told her is there while she questioned my sanity.”

“I found the workshop lots of fun and so interesting. I can’t believe how much fun math can be.”

“The workshop was well organized, informative and fun. Marilyn, I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. I feel I have gained a wealth of knowledge.”

“Marilyn you made taking 3 of my vacation days very worthwhile.”

“I liked the size of the group, the intensity and pace of instruction. Time was used and managed well. The environment encouraged a comfort level for questions and allowed lots of hands-on opportunities.”

“Math has always terrified me, and for most of my life I thought I was “dumb” in math. Being able to see, build and “colour” math made me finally see all the parts.”

“Discovering new structured ways to teach math concepts using a hands-on approach.
I can think of past students who so would have benefited from the strategies I learned here and I’m very excited to use the techniques next school year. Regrouping made easy! Yippee! Thank you so much.”