You should be thinking about positive brain change while learning Math

It’s more important than ever to make sure students have positive early Math experiences . Math often has a negative image for those who did not do well with math in school.

A common comment in the general public is, ” I just didn’t get math” or “I don’t do math!” And yet we want our children and students to learn math and build a base of math knowledge that will carry them through life.

Not to turn into “Pollyanna,” but positive Math experience can  impact your brain.

Focusing on positive math experiences is a reflex for some, but it’s a skill that all of us have to work hard to adopt. Because not only can it be just plain enjoyable to be competent and confident in math but every time we relive good experiences, it can actually rewire the brain.

New findings keep showing us that everything we do affects our brain. But that is in both positive and negative ways. So wherever we focus our attention, we’re making lasting change, for better or worse.

The more we show children and teachers that changing the brain to love and embrace Math can be both simple and enjoyable, the better equipped they’ll be to transform their school experience and lives.

To find out more about how our view of math can change through positive experience (and what to do for someone who thinks good math skills just seem out of their reach), take a look at the OG Math Part One Video Overview and the OG Math Introductory Course go to